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Journal Special Issue: Guest Editor - NEW!

Modernist Women Poets: Generations, Geographies and Genders for a Special Issue of The Humanities Journal at MDPI Vol 8.



Journal Articles

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Elizabeth Jennings website: *

Elizabeth Jennings (1926-2001) published around 27 books of her poetry spanning five decades; she edited poetry anthologies and selections; she was a prolific reviewer and critic. She was awarded several literary prizes and the CBE in 1992. Her work has featured on GCSE and A level curricula, is widely anthologized and is read at weddings or funerals. For most of her life she lived in Oxford where a road, Elizabeth Jennings Way, is named after her. This website is a path through her prolific writings; it holds together vast material across the spectrum between archival papers and unregulated websites. It stimulates the interested person to find out more; and it guides the scholar to and through archival sources and critical texts



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